bespoke elements

A bespoke polyolefin sheet extrusion service is available; including design, manufacture, finishing and packaging. PP-C, PP-H, PP-RC, PE-HD, PE-LD, PE-MD cut sheets and film rolls may be specified with a multitude of dimensions, colours and surfaces.

Various compounds and additives are used to produce materials with a large number of different mechanical and thermal characteristics. Our PP-FR flame retardant sheets for example, are used widely in many industrial applications. Composite materials may be manufactured through in-line processing of various laminates and substrates such as felt blanket, carpet and product identity strips.

Other in-line processes include corona treatment for printable materials, co-extrusion for multi-layer sheets and a full range of cutting, stamping and rolling options for automated handling. Hot stamp printing is especially useful for property identification markings and logos.

Please consult our technical data page which outlines our manufacturing capability.

We've amassed a great deal of production experience in meeting the exacting demands of a wide variety of customer applications. We'd be happy to discuss your requirements and work with you step by step, through the process. First, have a look at the types of standard sheet we usually hold in stock.

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