pallet liner sack sheets

This product was designed originally to act as a hygienic barrier between product and pallet whilst providing a stable, high grip base for secure stacking.

Many pallet users have concerns regarding contamination from mould and dust inherent in wooden pallets migrating upwards through the stacked products. These pallet liner sheets have excellent barrier qualities to prevent such migration by isolating the stacked product from the contamination source.

The liner benefits from the use of an anti-slip additive together with an innovative embossed surface. This increases the stability of palletised loads, offering savings in stretch film, storage and waste due to damage. When used as a friction mat or separator sheet between sacks for example, the sheet allows the items to nest.

The pallet cover sheet is a valuable and versatile addition to ER&GE's range of layer pad options. Added features include custom dimensions to fit a wide range of pallets, colour options and property identification markings.


Special polypropylene grade

Non-slip high grip matt surface

Co-extruded A-B structure

Dimensions to fit the pallet, 0.5 mm thick

Colour shown: 'water blue', also available in black

Stamped edges


Thermal resistance in use under continuous stress: -20°C - +100°C

Resistant to water based solutions of inorganic salts and to almost all inorganic acids and bases, even of high concentration. Not resistant to substances with an oxidising effect or to certain solvents. Details supplied on request.

Surface electrical resistance greater than 1013 Ohm.

Physiologically safe under the terms of European regulations concerning plastic articles in contact with foodstuffs, having no negative effect on the palletised goods with regard to taste and odour.

Water absorption: max. 0.2% as a result of surface absorption


ER&GE Plastics will take back used pallet cover sheets for re-cycling.

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