Product Feature





Thickness (min, max)
0.5 mm, 12 mm
0.4 mm, 12 mm
Width (min, max)
400 mm, 1,550 mm
Cut length (min, max)
400 mm, 4,000 mm
according to BS EN ISO 15013:2007
Transverse cuttingtolerance
+/- 0.5 mm
Core type
compacted paper or cardboard
Internal core diameter
76 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm
Core thickness
10 mm
Roll diameter (min,max)
600 mm, 1,000 mm
Roll weight (max)
1,000 kg
Surface finish
gloss, leathergrain, matt, pearl, sand finish, stag
Standard colours
natural, black, beige,white, arctic white, royal blue, sea blue
Other colours
all RAL and Pantonecolours and others by arrangement
colours contain no heavy metals and comply with foodstuffsregulations
Colour depth
translucent, opaque
chalk, talc, natural fibres
non-slip, fire retardant,anti-static
non-slip, fire retardant
non-slip, anti-static, anti-block, lubricant, UV stabilisation,thermal stabilisation, fire retardant
Printing treatment
corona treatment (one or both sides)
Protection film
PE film to one or both sides
Product identification
heat seal printing,product ID stripe
Product origin
all products are manufactured in the EU by ER&GE

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