Material advantage through quality

  • Quality raw materials
  • Modern Technology
  • Flexible storage options
  • Co-extrusion
  • Process options
  • Products
  • New investment
  • extruder
    polymer bags
    Quality raw materials

    It starts with quality raw materials. A great deal of emphasis is placed on selecting suppliers who deliver products of consistent quality.

    Various grades of polypropylene and polyethylene are selected for their specific characteristics together with a full range of masterbatch, additives and compounds including chalk, talc, anti-static, anti-block, UV stabilisation, flame retardant and anti-fog.

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    Flexible storage options

    ER&GE has made significant capital investments into raw material storage and handling equipment. Silo storage allows efficient purchasing of bulk quantities of polymer grades. Modern automated internal polymer transport, dosing systems and mixing equipment are used to ensure accurate processing.

    extrusion line
    Modern Technology

    ER&GE Plastics ® uses extruders of modern, robust design to minimise induced material stress during the manufacturing process. Flow optimised flat sheet dies ensure homogeneous material distribution. Precision calender rollers provide exact thickness, even surfaces and maximum flatness. An especially long cooling section in a climatically controlled production environment ensures stress free and distortion free products with minimal shrinkage.

    co-extruded layers

    Material from two extruders is brought together in the co-extrusion process to produce bi-laminate and tri-laminate structures. This allows a multitude of physical characteristics to exist together, especially useful for research and development of new plastic sheet and layer pad types.

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    Process options

    Pre-production facilities allow milling, recycling, compounding and predrying of raw materials and production waste. In-line extrusion processes include textile and foam layer lamination, protection film to one or both sides, corona treatment and product ID stamping. An innovative arrangement of in-line finishing equipment for cutting, stamping, stacking and roll winding provides a full range of post-production options.

    semi finished examples

    ER&GE extrudes flat sheet from polyolefins; polypropylene as homopolymer, block copolymer and random copolymer; elastomers (TPE); high density polyethylene (PE 300), low density polyethylene and medium density polyethylene. Our semi-finished extruded materials are suitable for a wide range of industries and product applications. Take a look at our cover sheets for wooden pallets.

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