Scottish water treatment plant

ER&GE manufactures semi-finished plastic products tailored to the needs of the application. Extruded sheets or rolled materials can be shaped, thermoformed, mechanically processed, fabricated, laser processed, printed, glued, welded or used just as they are. Please see below for a few examples.




Stockboard - embossed recycled PP
Hurdles, livestock handling systems, stable cladding and flooring
UV resistant sheets
Feeding troughs
Anti-slip mats
Thermoformable sheet
Crates, component trays, fuel tank shielding
Fabric, carpet and foam laminates
Interior vehicle facias
3.0 & 4.5 mm white smooth sheet with protection film
Interior van linings
PP film
IBC and drum inliners
Laminated PP and PE sheet
Heat and acoustic insulation
Composite boards
Door, window and drywall panels
Fire retardant sheet
Wall cladding
Corridor wall protection
Door plates
Garden equipment
PP UV resistant rolls
Fence privacy inserts
Glass, Can and PET containers
Solid plastic layer pads
Container palletisation
Industrial fabrication
Bespoke PPC heavy duty embossed sheet
Storage tanks and equipment
butt fusion welding
Non-slip mats with innovative embossed design
Drawer liners
PP film
Water protection systems
Logistics Packaging
Heavy gauge PP sheet
Box and crate reinforcement
Anti-slip liner sheets
Sack separator sheets
PP and PE stock sheets
Trays, supports, carriers
PP-FR arctic white sheets
Laboratory equipment cabinets
Embossed sheet
Book and binder covers
Corona treated film and sheet
Banner printing
Spot UV varnish lamination
Printed plastic media
Close tolerance weldable sheets
Spun yarn containers
Solid plastic layer pads
Yarn cone separator packaging
Talc and chalk filled PP and PE sheet
Transparent random copolymer film
Elizabethan (Buster) pet collars
Water industry
WRAS approved PP embossed sheet
Water tanks and linings
Wooden pallets
Anti-slip pallet cover sheets
Barrier layer and interleaving grip sheets

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